A mechanic friend of mine tipped me off to a major change in the Lubbock Police Department.  Read more after the break.

Ford has ceased production on the Crown "Vic" the police car of choice for Lubbock and many police departments around the nation.  Lubbock has opted to now go with the Chevy Tahoe.  According to my friend, "they haul ass" so watch out!  That's not the change that caught my eye, what really is going to take just a little bit of getting used to is the Lubbock Polices "Smurf" (blue on the bottom, white on top) paint job being replaced by a traditional black and white motif.  Black and white does give you the highest contrast and visibility, I just thought we had a "theme" going here.

So what do you think?  Do you think a bigger black and white vehicle is going to make any difference in law enforcement, or is it just a lateral move?