We are nine days away from the first of two epic nights right here in the Hub City. I've decided to call this particular weekend simply... THE PARTY AT THE RIM OF HELL! We kick off this weekend fittingly on 4/20 (spark it) with the 31st FMX Birthday Bash with one of the best line-ups we've ever offered. I mean really; KORN, CHEVELLE, CAVO, LACUNA COIL, THE VEER UNION, DEAD SARA, JANUS and Dup Step from DATSIK, JDEVIL and SLUGGO. That's just the first night.

On Saturday April 21, we keep the party cooking at the rim of hell with X-Fest 9 (this bill ain't too shabby either) let's see...GODSMACK, STAIND, HALESTORM, REDLIGHT KING, JAMES DURBIN and MANMADE MACHINE. I'll be there for every set from every band.

But the band I can't wait to check out is NEW MEDICINE from Minneapolis, Minnesota! Only problem I have to work out, is how I'm going to witness KORN (they hit the main stage at 10p) and NEW MEDICINE gets up on the Pavilion stage at 10:15p. What a nice problem to have!


Get ya' a pull while you check out the video...