I got a chance to catch "New Medicine" in Abilene and they are the 100% real deal.  These guys have one of the most awesome, energetic, and fun stage shows I've seen in a long, long time.

Back in the 80's it was said the Bruce Springsteen played with "fervor," and that's exactly how it is with New Medicine. These guys play with an incredible passion and it's just a party on stage. Their songs can switch styles on a dime and they feature some great call and response stuff both with the audience and within the band. Interestingly enough, the bass player serves as a "backup frontman" so that when the lead singer is grabbing either a drink or his breath, there's still stuff going on on stage.  Anyways, enough chatter, check out my favorite new song "Race You To The Bottom" and their previous track "Laid."