Sunday generally means chore day around our house, you know laundry, yard work, grocery shopping, and to be honest I would rather lick Wes' chili hole than go to Walmart on a Sunday. As luck would have it though I found myself not only getting to do the yard but also the shopping. LUCKY ME!

So, as if being there was not bad enough there was a lady there with 5 kids, all of whom literally SCREAMED the ENTIRE time I was in there. Have you ever noticed how things echo in that place?

My first reaction was that poor woman, then after about 15 minutes of listening to the little monsters screaming I wanted to follow her around and scream along with them.

I remember when I was little if we acted that way mom would have left the stuff in the cart and taken our butts home! But alas, that was a different era in parenting.

These days there is a new trend where rather than teaching your children to behave in public, parents expect everyone else to adjust to THEIR kids!

Many times parents also believe their kids act up because they are unusually smart and "gifted."There is even a name for these kids, the one I would use is brat, but the new parenting style refers to them as "Indigo Children."

What exactly is an "Indigo Child?" Well to the rest of us they are kids who have a sense of entitlement, they come into this world screaming and their parents allow them to continue that for the rest of their lives by making excuses for them and giving into their every whim, scream, and tantrum.

According to the Indigo Children's website (yes there's a website) . ""We believe these children are the beginning of a new consciousness, an actual change in human nature, and many around the world are also seeing it. Educators, day-care workers and parents are all stepping up to the plate to become advocates of this phenomenon."

Supposedly "these kids" have very high I.Q.'s and can see and communicate with spirits, just not so well with living people. And in order to allow the kids to blossom; rules and such are not encouraged because they could damage the poor kid's self esteem.

Whatever, sounds like an excuse not to parent. UGH I HATE Sunday's when there is no football and I am EXPECTED to work.