I am so pumped for the new movie "Prometheus" .  The movie is from the creative forces behind the "Alien" movies, but (apparently) doesn't really deal with those creatures.  From what I gather, earthlings travel to space to "meet our makers" and for one reason or another, all hell breaks loose.   We've already had some very cool trailers for the film, this one is more of the "viral video" sort and it will creep you out a bit.  More after the jump.

This video is set up as a "promotional film" for a new type of android.  The way this android is played is amazing.  There's really nothing robotic about it's/his movies, but there is something very unnatural or even 'alien' to the way it behaves and talks.  Even when it cries, it's a little weird and not like actual crying.  Check out the video and see if you agree: