Have you ever had an old friend on your mind and get a phone call or text from them around the same time? Just the other day we were talking about my good buddy Wayne Swinny of Saliva, and I kid you not, around the time we were talking about him he sent me a text that said "Everybody's gettin laid tonight in Lubbock! Go Red Raiders!" After the Raiders crushed West Virgina.

It seems like it has been forever since we heard anything new from the Saliva boys, but as luck would have it Wayne tells me they, along with new singer Bobby Amaru, are busy laying down tracks for a new album and putting the finishing touches on a record deal.

Be looking for the new album sometime early in 2013, and you know after that happens it won't be long before the band hits the Hub to re-introduce us to Bobby as the new Saliva frontman.

As my friend Wayne would say, until then, "peace and chicken grease brotha!"