I am ready for some "Big Brother".  The show is without a doubt a guilty pleasure for me.  Some of the competitions are so incredibly stupid I want to shoot my t.v.  What I DO love is the scheming and plotting and backstabbing that goes on. To me, it's like a giant chess game.  More after the jump.

This year "Big Brother" is bringing back some "All-Stars" to play some kind of 'game within the game".  I really have no idea what all of that is about, I just want to see ordinary people turn feral and start screwing each other over.

Among the regular contestants is Jennifer Arroyo who played bass for Kittie from 2002 to about 2005.

So how do you think this metalhead will do against the straights?  Do you think her gruff behavior or tatts will put people off, or do you think that maybe people will 'carry  her' through the competitions because they think she might not be a threat in the end?  Don't forget, one of the most popular winners in Big Brother's history was the heavily tattooed rocker "Evil Dick".  This is what I like about Big Brother, speculating about the different matchups, the personality clashes and so on.  Big Brother Debuts on CBS tonight