This is an awesome little video that is going around.  This news lady received a very rude and uncalled for letter about her weight.  She then turned the situation around and made it a very important commentary on bullies.  More after the jump.

I get rude comments all the time.  That's okay and it comes with the territory.  I know that they come from jealous little people hiding behind their computers (I have never had any one criticize what I do, or how I do it, face to face).  I make the mistake and take their bait once in a while, because I don't think cyber-bullies should be allowed to get away it.  I also rarely say anything about it, because that's what they want, their little 'moment in the sun' via my attention.  I'm sure someone you know has made an unwanted rude comment or observation about you at some point.  This lady wasn't having it.  Check it out:




p.s.  I think there's something kind of hot about the way she 'owns it".