I believe in fairness above all and I call 'em like I see 'em. With that in mind I have to call KCBD's news at four a win.  Read more after the break.

Now before you read my "review" keep in mind that we haven't always had the best relationship with Channel 11, a lot of which stems from the fact that we employ rival meteorologist Ron Roberts, but kids, White Chocolate doesn't let stuff like that keep him from giving an honest opinion.

The biggest fear any television station would have about adding another news broadcast would be it "watering down" it's existing product. As a viewer, my concern would be that they pull the "more coming up at five, coming up at six, coming up at ten"  game that they play.  I have to say I was surprised that 11's four o'clock newscast has a "feel" of it's own.  It doesn't come off as a "baby brother" or "baby sister" to the other newscasts. They feature content that is exclusive to the program as well as a 'first look' as to what's happening in town. Almost more important than any of that is hostess Christy Moreland. Now she's never been hard to look at, but I'll put that sexism aside and say that she has "snatched the pebble from the masters hand". Simply put, she is simply more professional, energetic and personable a host than ANY other newscaster in town. She is simply THE top of the game in Lubbock. Now here's the problem for KCBD-I'd rather d.v.r. the four o'clock news than watch the content on at five or six. Hopefully the t.v. station will realize that this is the nature of the business these days and that this program WILL take ratings away from it's other casts. On the upside, it'll probably slaughter the competing stations four o'clock offerings.

Now, we'd rather you turn up the rock 24 hours a day, but if you need news, you might want to check out Channel 11 at four, then turn the radio back on.