Newspapers are going the way on the dinosaur and it's no ones fault but their own.

We get six papers delivered to the radio station, theoretically one for each radio station. There was a time we would fight over them. Now a couple usually go unused each and every day. Now you might think that we get our "newspaper" content online, but we rarely do. The reason some papers are going defunct is simple: lack of content. Some newspapers have cut their staffs down so low that they no longer "find" news, they are only reactive, meaning they only report things that have already happened. Am I suggesting they report "news of the future"? No, but back in the day newspapers dug up "news", they found out about stuff that hadn't been brought to light before, they did investigative reports, and they made phone calls. It seems today they watch the t.v. news and put it in paper form the next day (I'm not accusing them of plagiarism, but just short of it). Think about it, when was the last time the newspaper had a headline that you weren't already aware of? Even better-when was the last time you saw a newspaper with more "news" than ads?

Now locally the A.J. online allows you to view their news online but then charges for "premium content". My question is, what "premium content"? There's nothing there that I can't get somewhere else. If you're not going to hire reporters to go out and "find" stories, then you're not going to have anything that appeals to me. The paper has started shooting a little video to accompany some of their stories, but it's still the same old stories that everyone else has.

We have 3-4 d.j.s and a national source (just like the paper has A.P.) and we have more stories that will interest you each and every day. I challenge you to pick up a newspaper and count the amount of stories you actually read, then count the stories you actually read on our website. This is proof that some newspapers aren't just understaffed, they are WAY out of touch.

My prediction: soon there will only be paper newspapers in only the largest towns (like Dallas and Chicago) and local papers will limp along with a small online presence and cease publication. It's kind of sad to lose newspapers because they haven't kept up with the times, but we don't need telegraph operators anymore either.

What do you think? Do you use/read papers more or less than you used to, or do you pay attention to them at all? Let us know and comment below.