Ever watch a soccer game? It seems like every few seconds someone falls to the ground with what appears to be a serious injury. They bring out a stretcher and load the player on it, then they carry them off the field. Nine times out of ten the player who was carted off in such a dramatic way is back on the field within seconds taking a penalty kick, and you never hear another word about the "injury".

A few weeks ago during the game between the Steelers and the Browns, Emmanuel Sanders seemed fine while in the huddle, but as soon as they got ready to line up for the play he went down like a sack of rocks holding the back of his leg.

Trainers were called out to check on him, and even assist him off the field. Thankfully Sanders was OK and able to return to the game. Which turned out to be a good thing since Pittsburgh won by a single touchdown made in the it few minutes of the game.

Apparently though the rest of the NFL was not as thankful to see that Sanders was alright, and even accused him of faking the injury... The audacity...

For a few days Sanders played coy with the media when questioned abut the incident,maybe he was just on pain medication, I mean he did hit the ground pretty hard.

Now, the NFL has added insult to his injury by fining him $15,000 and the Steeler organization $35,000.

Maybe he was just confused, futbol... football... after all they are pronounced the same...