We hear negative things about professional athletes all the time. It has gotten to the point that we are no longer surprised when we hear of an NFL player being arrested for DWI, drug charges or even for allegations of assault.

That's what makes this story so great, we hardly ever hear about the good stuff these guys do, and the reality is there are a lot more guys in professional sports that do stuff like this than there are who are out there carrying guns into night clubs and shooting themselves.

Players for Frederick Douglass College Preparatory Academy for Young Men in Detroit were on the verge of having to forfeit the rest of their season after thieves stole all of their equipment from the team's field house on Monday.

When first round draft picks Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and Javid Best heard about the teams plight, they decided to help the team out and in their words "give back." Both players say they felt bad for the team and knew they had been blessed and just wanted to do something to help the players by giving them the chance to finish out their seasons.

Suh and Best along with Quicken Loans and two other suburban teams donated cleats, gloves and helmets and shoulder pads in time for Friday's game.

Season saved.