I read where some Detroit fans were mad that Nickelback was booked as halftime entertainment for their Thanksgiving game.  F' them.  Let's get them here in Texas.  Texas has been Nickelback's second home and I've got a list as to why you shouldn't join in on the Nickelback hate.  Read more after the break.

Here's some bullet points as to why Texans should proudly embrace Nickelback.

*Dimebag Darrell was a fan and the members of Nickelback were Pantera fans, even paying tribute to Dime during live performances.

*Nickelback used a Lubbock venue to rehearse for a U.S. world tour.

*Nickelback has collaborated with and paid tribute to Z.Z. Top.

*Nickelback has used their influence to get other bands signed, including Oklahoma's Hinder.

*Nickelback rose to popularity by touring and retouring the southwest and front man Chad Kroger insists that the bands he signs do the same.

*Roadrunner records was a small metal label until Nickelback broke big, allowing the label to support even more metal and other acts.

*Everybody loves or has loved at least one Nickelback song.