After an absence of several months, I decided to stop in again on the Masters of Horror down at Nightmare on 19th Street.  I  could not wait to sneak a preview of this years new haunt, City Of The Lost. On my last visit Corey Wes and Lynn took a work break to walk me around, stopping every so often to point to a pile of 2x4s and chicken wire, and then to wave their hands over an empty concrete slab.  Each began talking over the other as they excitedly finger painted in the air, their vision of The City Of The Lost.

This time as I retraced our previous route, I was totally amazed by the incredible landscape that began to take shape all around me.  This is like nothing the guys have done before, their incredible vision is now becoming reality.  Even though The City Of The Lost is still far from finished, there is no doubt this one is going to be an amazing attraction.

As usual, you still get all three haunted attractions plus a stroll through "Badger Hollow" for one low price, making this one of your best entertainment values.

The big surprise was finding out that both Blood Moon Manor and Dr. Nexum's Sanitarium have been remodeled, reshaped and greatly expanded to include new courtyards and passageways to enhance and extend... your greatest nightmare... NIGHTMARE ON 19TH STREET (Facebook).

Carry On...