Yes, Lubbock's only Halloween theme park is indeed building for the Halloween '13 season.  As a matter of fact, we started construction the weekend after Halloween and since we build during Halloween, we technically never stop building. We've got some cool stuff coming for you, more after the jump.


Nearly every weekend we spend at least a day revamping, rebuilding and redoing the attractions at Nightmare on 19th Street.  This year we'll have an all new attraction that will take the place of the Sanitarium.  We're not quite ready to announce the concept or the special twist yet, but I can tell you about some other stuff.

Over in Blood Moon Manor this past year we had a 'walk by' crypt.  This year that crypt is done and you'll now walk through it.  It get's even better after that, upon your exit you'll be face to face with a New Orleans style above ground graveyard.

Over in the Lost City, the big story is two fold.  We'll have a brand new beast for you to survive and in one trailer, get ready, a takeover by spiders!  Big ones, small ones, creepy, hopping jumping nasty spiders!

In Skulllick Texas, you'll be greeted with some new and improved buildings.  We have one that has a very special guest that will come out and greet select groups.

So that's a small sampling of the improvements.  There's many more, but we want to save some stuff to reveal later and some stuff we want to just surprise you with.

Preview weekend this year will be September 27th and 28th. This year we're also going to axe some Thursdays and add some Sundays to the schedule so more people will have a chance to experience the park.

If you'd like, you can friend Nightmare here, or check out the website here.