The answer to "can they touch us?" at a haunted house is a complicated one.  The answer is up to the owner and even then circumstances change.  At Nightmare On 19th Street, we do not allow "intentional touching" but you are very likely to get brushed up against. Read on if this is a concern of yours.


Haunted Houses, like the four haunts at Nightmare On 19th Street are full of tight spaces.  With this in mind, on occasion people get bumped or brushed up against. It's no reason to lose your mind and no reason for an actor to be disciplined.  What you don't want and what we don't allow is anyone grabbing you in any manner or even reaching their hands out to intentionally touch you.

Nightmare On 19th Street is an "Enter At Your Own Risk" series of haunted attractions. If a little brush or bump is going to set you off, it's best you stay at home.  If you, however, allow yourself to get into the spirit of things and not worry too much about it, you'll have a blast!!