Nightmare on 19th Street is three-plus "haunted attractions" but that's just the surface. We put this event/attraction together in order to bring something "cool" to Lubbock and we think we've succeeded.

Nightmare on 19th Street is made up of about 100 actors, makeup artists, engineers and knuckleheads. Each Halloween we put together a Halloween event, this year once again located in the back of the Lone Star Amphitheater at 602 E. 19th.

We are a "for profit" business (but not yet!) but we support and have supported a variety of charities with both monetary donations and tickets for them to use to raise money through raffles, auctions and contests. We've been a part in the Firemans "Fill The Boot Campaign", "Childrens Miracle Network",  "the South Plains Food Band", "Big Brothers, Big Sisters", "The Texas Boys Ranch", "The Bridge" and many, many others.

We've had tons of RockStars and even a few celebrities visit (From Mudvayne and Hollywood Undead to Mathew McConaughey dressed as Zorro). We have a 100% perfect safety record and we work with the city to make it even safer each year.  We employ Sheriffs and professional event staff and security. We have concessions and merchandise (Teddy Scares return this year with new stuff).

We are also a family.  We are a group of misfit people that didn't seem to belong anywhere, now we are "Nightmare" and we take great joy and family pride in bringing you a truly great event. We are also truly proud that we give people, especially young people something to do in this town other than drink and get into trouble. It's weird to say, but in general, a haunted house is "good clean fun".  We also book local and national bands to play on Friday and Saturday nights (its so refreshing to hear music in someplace other than a bar). We do cut the music off by 11 so we don't disturb the neighbors.

Now, back to the attractions.  They are scary.  You won't find much scarier out there.  We have a crew that visit the national haunted houses and conventions each year and even though we know where the scares are in our own attractions, they are scarier than any other haunted house we've visited (and our top guy has visited dozens and dozens across the year).  So why be "scary" instead of the standard "creepy"?  It's simple, we noticed long ago that each scream, jump, or gasp is followed by a laugh.  Isn't that weird? I swear you will laugh more at a good haunted house than you will at a good comedy club. A lot of people ask "what ages is it appropriate for"?  There is no real answer to that.  We say 12+ but we've had both 8 year olds who can handle it and grown men who have peed their pants. There are scenes of gore and grossness. I would say if we were a movie we'd be about a PG-13.

We get started the last Friday of September. I hope you'll support this attraction by spreading the word even if it's "not your thing" and watch for more features and specifics on Nightmare On 19th Street.

Here's our main website with more details.

Here's our Facebook where we keep actors and others informed.