The giant haunted "theme park' that is "Nightmare On 19th Street" is putting the finishing touches on the scares for the 2012 season.   "Preview Night" is just about a month away. Just a few details remain to make the park ready for the hordes who visit every year.

Nightmare on 19th Street is now FOUR haunted areas in the back of the Lone Star Events Center at 602 East 19th.  If you know where the paid parking is, we're way back there (and no, we don't charge for parking).  Since moving to the new locations we've had three haunted 'houses" Bloodmoon Manor, ClownTown and Area 51, we switched ClownTown to Dr. Nexum's Sanitarium two years ago and this year instead of flipping an attraction, we added the old west ghosts town of "Skull-Lick" Texas (in our first two years we had an outdoor attraction called "The Witch's Walk and found that 'outdoor scares' are awesome because you don't know where the scare is coming from).

We are also very proud of our makeup artists who routinely turn out professional and Hollywood level makeup.  This is no small feat because we can have between 50 to 80 or more actors on any given night.  This is often the reason why some of our haunts can be so scary, we seldom use masks, and prefer to focus on realism.

So we feature "four haunts", a fun little midway area with food, souvenirs and occasional live music (it looks like "The School of Rock" kids from Dallas will play for us this year).  The midway is never boring though because of the energy of the crowds, the photo ops and the random ghouls who roam the area.  On a semi-crowded night, you'll be our guest for about 90 minutes to two hours or more.  Even when the crowds are huge, we move people through fast.  So, also in the interest of moving fast, here's the info in FAQ form.

  • Nightmare on 19th Street.  Full details here or on Facebook here.
  • Located in the back of the Amphitheater property at 602 East 19th
  • Four Attractions to visit, plus multiple photo ops, random ghouls and food and merch on the Midway
  • Preview Night September 29th (first 300 get cool glow in the dark Nightmare wristband)
  • Grand Opening October Friday October 5th and Saturday October 6th (giveaways and other fun stuff)
  • Open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays on the 11th through 27th
  • Open the Sunday before Halloween (October 28th) and Halloween (October 31st)
  • Admission is $20 on Thursdays, $25 on all other days.
  • These attractions can be VERY scary and VERY gruesome. You raised your kids, you decide what they can handle (in many cases they handle it better than their parents), but we recommend 12 and older  (we've had much, much younger but we just want to give you a baseline).
  • The actors don't 'touch you', but incidental contact does occur.
  • Comfortable shoes are a must! You will encounter a lot of different terrain, and while it's not too strenuous, it's not for people in flip-flops or heels.
  • We employ professional security, park guides and even Sheriff's.
  • This park is ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. Since the behavior of scared people is so unpredictable, it's up to you to watch out for your own safety.