Gakk!  I think the scariest thing about this video is me!  Seriously, there's a reason why I avoid cameras at all costs.  Anyways, try to get over the mean looking man in the video and check out just a few video highlights of new stuff at Nightmare on 19th Street.

Thousands upon thousands visit Nightmare On 19th Street each year. Even with that, we get new people all the time who say "wow, I didn't know it was like this".  It is HUGE.  We use 15 railroad boxcars and six tractor trailer rigs just for starters (and that doesn't count the ones we use for makeup, the ticket booth, storage and so on).  Then there's enormous outdoor areas like the entire 'city' of Skull-Lick Texas and the midway area.  With all of that in mind, I threw together a very quick little video of some our updates.  Once again, sorry I have mean face syndrome.