Well October is just flying by and we hope you'll take the time to visit our haunted houses. This Saturday night is extra special, because it's Coronado Football night.


Now, before you get mad because your school didn't have it's "own night", then maybe you should have asked.  Also, "Coronado Night" will actually ADD to our festivities without harming your experience at all.

Coronado football boosters are being given a coupon. If they turn in that coupon when they buy a ticket, then a portion of that ticket money goes back into the football boosters club.  This means, if you want to come out and NOT support the team, well, then don't bring a coupon.  See? This night benefits only those people who care to help out.

There is a GREAT way this night will benefit you no matter what school you go or went to.  We will have extra actors "zombie-ing up" for a crazy graveyard experience. We are also hoping to have a zombie drum corp.

We hope you'll join us Friday, Saturday or Sunday this week.