Happy Halloween, we are less than 30 days away from the opening of Nightmare On 19 Street.  I never thought I'd be in the "haunted theme park" business, and I never thought it could be so much work.

We have worked to improve, overhaul and re-theme Nightmare On 19th Street every weekend since the weekend after Halloween last year.  Hey, it's a hobby, it's social and it's a job all in one so I'm not complaining.  Building cool Halloween stuff is just what me and my friends do.  We were incredibly focused this year and the weather cooperated so we built A LOT.  I'll give you details on some of the improvements in future blogs.  If you haven't visited before, then I hope you'll visit us this year. If you haven't visited us in a while, it's time to come back.  I am DEFINITELY not a prude, it's just a great change of pace to get an intense adrenaline rush drug and booze free.  We have licensed security and Sheriff's on hand. It's a safe, but very scary environment. It's four haunts, seventeen nights and a lot of fun.  Also, this year we debut "Twisted Tales 3-D" .

Here's the Nightmare On 19th Street Web Page

Here's the Nightmare on 19th Street Facebook Page.