We are trying something a little different at Nightmare this year.  This week and next we are NOT open on Thursday and instead are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Friday and Saturday the box office is open 7:30 to 11:30 and on Sundays from 7:30 to 10:30.


We are trying out these new days/hours to see if it's any easier on our crew.  We have over 100 actors on any given night and we want to make sure that they're as bloodthirsty at the end of our weekend as they are in the beginning. We also offer a discount on Sundays.  Regular admission is $25, on Sundays that drops to $20.

We have also reach the busy time of our year.  We will have large crowds this weekend, but no fear (well actually there's a lot to fear, just not the lines).  Our longest lines move about six people every 45 seconds. In addition there's cool stuff along the way to have your picture take with, actors on the midway (including the biggest damn "Leatherface" you've ever seen in your life), and really cool vendors.

Any more questions?  Hit the button below!  Don't miss this opportunity to check out West Texas Largest Haunted Theme Park, it's "A Full Night Of Fright".