With Halloween falling on a Thursday it just didn't make sense to close Nightmare On 19th Street on a Friday or Saturday. We are open both nights at a discounted rate.

Enjoy some Day Of The Dead fun with Nightmare On 19th Street Friday and Saturday nights for just $20. You'll still be getting the full on four attraction fun. In fact, the little creeps may even step up their game because they know it will be a year before they get to do it again.

Some people "carry Xmas in their heart" all year long. Those of us at Nightmare "keep it Halloween" 365. If you like the scary stuff, we're here for you Friday and Saturday nights!

If you've already made it out, or just can't get out this year, a big thank you to one and all for your support.  Big thanks to our sponsors Monster Energy and Party Plus Warehouse as well.  See you this weekend, or in 2014!