I guess there's no other way to drop this kind of bomb, but Nightmare On 19th Street has signed a one year exclusive production deal.  Now, you probably don't know much about how behind the scenes t.v. works, so I'll explain it to you.


The way this kind of thing works is, a producer combines footage into a 'sizzle reel'. They then shop that 'sizzle reel' to various networks and if it flips somebodies switch the show gets bought, entire camera crews get sent down and you have a show.  We are at the very, very beginning of that process. We've filmed some footage at the request of a producer and he loved it.  He will use the existing footage plus some more from this season to finish off a sizzle reel and start looking for a t.v. home for us.

It may or may not ever proceed past the point that we're at now, but it's pretty cool to even make it this far.  I hope you'll come out and enjoy Nightmare because after all we put it together so the people of Lubbock would have something cool to do.  This week we're open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Thursday and Sunday we go with a discounted rate of $20, so you could save a few bucks on a lot of fun.