Nightmare On 19th Street offers you four attractions. Debuting this year is "Twisted Tales 3-D".  We're taking some classic fairy tales, twisting them up and delivering them to you in eye popping 3-D.  The question is, "how can you claim it's 3-D when we live in a 3-D world"?

Our "Twisted Tales 3-D" uses a cool technology called "Chroma Color".  When wearing the chroma color glasses it takes 2-D shapes and turns them 3-D.  The way it does this is really cool. When you see colors through the glasses lighter colors appear to be closer than darker colors.  If for instance we painted a red heart on black wall, when you see it through the glasses it looks like that heart is floating six inches away from the wall.  You can even reach out to touch it, and nothing is there.

Since bright colors work best with the glasses, we also utilize florescent paint.  To this we add black lights and color changing lights for some very cool effects.  So you have 2-D effects turned 3-D, props that were already 3-D, crazy lights and more distracting you while the actors creep up for some cool scares.

Come experience this one of a kind 3-D attraction this year at Nightmare On 19th Street.

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