First off, in the interest of clarity and disclosure, I (Wes) am a co-owner of Nightmare on 19th Street.  Next, this morning Heathen revealed to me that all Halloween festivities have been purged from Lubbock schools. My Nightmare partner and I find this ridiculous, heartbreaking and disgusting.  Kids just can't be kids anymore without some self-righteous and/or politically correct School Board wannabe politician taking their fun away.  Fall Festivals have replaced Halloween in schools and we think it's absolute horse puckey.  

We are in a small position to bring Halloween back for some kids.  We have decided that on October 20th, from 6-7 we are going to have a Halloween party for kids ten and under.  Here's how it's going to work: we are going to put the scary stuff away, put some of actors in more fantasy/kid friendly costumes and set up about a half dozen trick or treat stations on our midway.

Your kids will get to trick or treat about ten days before Halloween (freeing you up to have your adult Halloween fun during the regular holiday). It will still be daylight. We'll have little stanchions and ropes to run the kids from station to station. They can sit in our electric chair, take pictures with the actors or props and visit with other kids.

Here's the deal, we think we can set up 5-6 trick or treat stations with treats for about 300 kids. This is going to be ABSOLUTELY FREE.  We are doing this because we're tired of kids getting a raw deal on Halloween and we want to help bring up future Nightmare Fans.

Now, if you know of a business that would like to have their own trick or treat station, or contribute to our supplies so we have more to give out, we'd love to make you a part of this event. We think this event would be really killer if we could get it up to a dozen trick or treat stations and/or have the ability to take care of more kids. We'll include the business in radio announcements and everything (and we think all six of our radio stations will be a part of this event).

I firmly believe it's time for us to stand up for kids and quit whitewashing their childhoods. I'm willing to bet that if you are reading this, some of your fondest memories are Halloween oriented.  We hope we can bring some of that joy back to your kids, and we hope to tell LISD to take their fall festivals and shove 'em.

If you want to help, email me