In other odd news, It seems that Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue had an issue with a fan who was taking pictures of the show this past weekend at the Outlaw Jam stage in Frederick, Maryland.

Check it out, Sixx stopped the bands performance, walked to the edge of the stage and demanded the fan hand over the camera, and when the fan didn't "what did he do" you might ask. Well what any normal person who wants something does; he jumped off the stage, into the crowd and started trying to take it.

And what you might ask yourself did his mand mates do while this was going on; well they stood there and watched of course, what else could they do?

Reports say Sixx finally gave up the fight and got back on stage and the concert continued pretty much as if nothing had happened.

As of today the only comment Sixx has made about the incident was thru his "Tumbler" accout where he said “I’m a recovering addict. Cameras are my new drug.” He said on Facebook: “Major geekdom plans going down for me and Stevie from Buckcherry to each get an old-school black n white camera tattooed on us.”

Ummm, ok?!

Check out the whole story and the video at the link below then let me know what you think was the real reason behind Nikki's antics