Nine Inch Nails new album sounds like one to own, if you've been checking out the new tracks they're debuting in concert. This time its "Disappointed" live in South Korea.

What's really interesting, at least to me, is the absolutely stripped down stage show they're putting on. I saw them live on "The Self Destruct" tour with a massive and intense stage show and video production. This time it starts with just Trent on an empty stage with hi sampler on a stand. Then as more parts of the song some in, more members and their instruments are added to the stage. There's no massive drum kit at the back of the stage, no giant stacks of guitar amps, no stage dressing of any kind. With the exception of some screens behind the band, with light in front of them broadcasting their shadows 20 feet high, there's nothing there. Kind of an Orwellian horror-scape on stage.

Now compare that stage set up to the opening of their show in 1994. Sorry its really poor quality video, it was 1994 after all.

And if you want to see the whole "Self Destruct" tour video I posted that here a few months back. I'm still watching it today too.