We've been getting a lot of questions about the FMX Birthday Bash. I think I have to take a little blame for the miscommunication. First, we've been talking about the station's actual birthday/anniversary on January 18th. Unlike you, I don't think we've celebrated on the actual day more than once or twice during our history. We like to move it around for the best possible party.


Next,  what we do is find the best rockin'/party package that we can get anywhere after the 1st of the year. We even came very close to wrapping up a band in January but things fell through due to venue concerns. So, right now we're looking at a very cool touring lineup coming through this area in March. It's near 100% done, we're just waiting for the ink to dry. The extra special good news is it looks like the ink is almost dry for the next X-Fest and FMX Big Purple Party as well. I'll tell you straight up, it's looking like these three will hit the end of March, the end of April and the end of May. Start saving your bucks now. We're going to go big and party hard at these shows!

Finally, the question always get asked, "When are you going to make the announcement?" Well, bands like to announce their entire tours at one time, so we're waiting on an okay from management. We could announce the Bash as early as Friday, then again with the show scheduled for March, it could drag on until the first week in February.