County music Icon George Jones has passed away at the age of 81.

I am blogging about George Jones because he has a special place in my music up bringing. My Mom and Mema both love country music and as I was growing up they both listened to George Jones and saw him in concert several times.

There are all kinds of stories about rock musicians in their drunken days. But George Jones has some stories that rivals even the hardest rock legends. Anyone that is willing to drive their riding lawn mower 8 miles just to get to the beer store because their wife had taken and hidden all the key s to his vehicle is pretty cool and a Rock And Roll move by far. Through all of his antics and even earning the nickname "No-Show Jones" because he wouldn't show up to his gigs, he survived it all and will always be the standard in country music.


I went over to my Mema's today and she had tears in her eye, when she told me that George Jones had passed away. It made me sad to see Mema like that but then she went right into the story when she met George Jones back in the day.

The Wrecking Yard salutes George Jones and I know their is a seat saved for Mr. Jones in God's Tavern.