Our bros in Nonpoint have given an update on their official Facebook about their new album!

This is what their update said on their Facebook:

"Yesterday we entered Uptown Studiso in Chicago and did a brand new version of Spanish 101 called Spanish 102. Needless to say that the talents of Dave, Rasheed and Adam totally shine on this track and we added a lot of percussion and a killer ending and the track has was turned into an almost 9 minute song. Today Elias lays down vocals. Thank you Rob at Uptown for this amazing opportunity. This is the most creative version of that song. Rabia, Orgullo, Latino jam and a sick ending. WOW!!!"

I am very stoked for a new album from Nonpoint and cannot wait to hear it. I got to see Nonpoint in Midland last month when they were opened for Megadeth. Nonpoint were so good live and really owned the stage that I thought it was the best performance that I had seen from them.

A date or album titled has not been released yet but as soon as we get more info we will let you know!