I was looking for a picture for a little comedy article I was doing, when I stumbled across an awesome video.  It was simply called "Busty Redheads With Big Boobs".  Being a man of science, I had to view this video to make sure that these were indeed 'gingers with huge gazongas.'  What I found was, yes, these delectable fire-headed heavy-chested babes did meet all of the qualifications necessary to be in the video (it's just a series of still pictures, but awesome ones), but the video was for a very fun little website.  More after the jump.

So the website I found was www.bigboobsdirect.com.  Now, who doesn't like the concept of big boobs "direct" to you?  Thinking this could be bigger than pizza home delivery, I spelunker for a few more details. It turns out that his website is a dating site for "women with big boobs and guys who love big boobs (which is ALL guys).

I guess some of you guys can afford to be picky. While a lover of large breasts myself, ANY person with ANY female parts was worthy of consideration by me. I guess some guys just gotta have certain things and this could be one of them. One question though, are your really going to tell me that a large breasted woman had to go to a dating site to get a date?  That doesn't even seem like reality to me. I guess if some of you want to dig a little deeper on the website you can give me some answers. Be careful, there's a little nudity on the front page of the website.

And here's the video that "sucked me in" to all this information.