If you haven't seen this Sunday's edition of the Walking Dead, then turn away now and come back.  There's some zombie mythology that you may or may not have noticed in this weeks episode.  I've got a little "inside" information for fans of the t.v. show that may or may not have read the graphic novels.

First off, Shane dying was no surprise to "Walking Dead" fans.  Dale's death WAS a big surprise.  In the book he was killed much, much later and his leg was eaten by cannibals.  None of that really matters that much to the story, what matters is the "mythology" behind the show.  In this show the "living" are actually he "Walking Dead" because when you die, you turn into a zombie even if you've had NO exposure to zombies.  In this series, you could die of old age, then you'd turn into a zombie.  Now if you are bitten or scratched by a zombie, you'll catch a fever and die within a few days, then reanimate. So in short, zombies don't turn you into zombies, but they can kill you pretty quickly.  It's also later found that if you amputate an potentially infected limb QUICKLY, you may survive even a zombie attack.

Now some of you may be saying "no duh" at this point, but this past Sundays episode featured two reanimation that had the people at my house scratching their heads until I explained it to them.  I just thought I'd clear up this mythology for some who didn't "get it". It's kind of like most vampire movies have vampires explode in the sun, but in Twilight they just sparkle.  Every story usually has some different type of mythology behind it.

Here's preview of next weeks "The Walking Dead".