These days it seems everyone and their toddler has a cell phone with a camera. We even have camera's that attach to your pet's collars so you never miss a moment of what goes on with them.

Even I have a cell phone with a camera in it, and I am a self professed technophob.

One thing I never seem to be successful at is capturing really cool video just from being at the right place at the right time with my video camera running.

Probably the coolest video I have ever captured was totally on accident because I hit the wrong button when I hung my phone up and laid it on the chair next to me at the beach.

This morning, I saw a video of a swamp in Louisiana that literally disappears into a sinkhole before your eyes.

After seeing this video, I have vowed to keep my camera handy, and ready for the rest of the year so maybe I can catch something this cool.