I HATE heist movies. They just seem so ridiculous.  Why would intelligent people with all of those skills rob places that supposedly 'can never be robbed'.  Okay, I hate them, but I still watch all of them.   More after the jump.


So we have a bunch of magicians playing "Robin Hood", that is apparently the story in "Now You See Me".  What's kind of funny about the movie is, yes, that's the two male leads from "Zombie Land" (Jessie Eisenburg & Woody Harrelson).  Also in the cast are the guy who just played The Hulk (Mark Ruffallo) and the "crazy girl" from the "Wedding Crashers" and real life wife of "Borat" (Sasha Baron Cohen), Isla Fisher.  If that wasn't enough, I forgot Morgan Freeman WHO IS STARRING IN EVERY SINGLE MOVIE THIS YEAR. Micheal Caine and Common (who is awesome in AMC's "Hell On Wheels") round out the cast. Here's the trailer: