Who doesn't love Girl Scout Cookies?  It turns out homophobic right wing radio pastors don't.  Pastor Kevin Swanson accuses the Girl Scouts of everything from promoting a "gay and lesbian agenda" to supporting abortion.


So you thought you were just biting down on a "Thin Mint"?  Pastor Kevin Swanson says you're supporting a "wicked organization".  Swanson is begging his listeners not to buy the seasonal sweet treets. That wasn't all the freak had to say.  You can check out the full story from MSNBC here.

I guess my contempt for religion isn't a real secret. My problem is simple, the nice, sweet, good folks who worship are just a giant Petri dish that allows scum like this Kevin Swanson to grow.  For every beautiful little old lady who bakes a casserole, there's someone with a "God hates F@gs" sign. I myself have had enough of it, and I think picking on little girls trying to make a buck is WAY out of line.

Here's a fun DQ commercial from D.Q.