The Fourth of July usually gets the pyromaniac in all of us a little excited. There is just something about blowing crap up that everyone loves regardless of how young or old. This year however, with most of Texas as dry as a dead dingo's donger, many towns have banded fireworks and fireworks displays altogether.

This year there will not be a single fireworks display any where in the city of Lubbock, even the road side fireworks stands are closed to prevent any accidental fires caused by fireworks this Fourth of July.

I know it is always illegal to possess or set off fireworks within the city limits, not just this year but at anytime. I have often wondered what the police do when they catch someone with fireworks.

I guess this video answers my question as to what New York city police officers do when they catch someone with fireworks. They take (sorry they confiscate) them, and then when they have an ass load of them they let their inner pyromaniac out, in a controlled way of course.

Check out the video of NYPD bomb squad detonating thousands of fireworks. It's pretty freaking cool.