Everyone of us have probably had to deal with a bully at one time or another during our lifetime. Maybe it was a kid in your neighborhood who would pick on you at the park, maybe a group of kids who called you names at school, or maybe you've had to deal with a co-worker who does things to sabotage you at work. Regardless of when, where, or who was doing the bullying if you've ever had to deal with it you know how it can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated.

As adults we usually are better equipped mentally to deal with a situation were someone is causing us to feel threatened, we know to confront the individual and if that does not resolve the issue we go through the proper channels to resolve issues.

Children however; do not always have the courage to confront a bully and many times are afraid to tell someone who is in a position to help them.

Far too often these days we are hearing stories of kids being beaten up, picked on, or cyber-bullied so much that the feel the only way out is to take their own lives.

In an effort to give these kids hope, support, and a voice, October has been declared National Bullying Prevention month.

Also on Saturday there will be a walk at McCullough Park (88th and Freemont Ave in Lubbock) to draw attention to the problem.

Information on how and where to register can be found at  www.contactlubbock.org or by calling 806- 765-8393, event is free for teens and child's under 15, and $5.00 for individuals 15 and up?