Are you one of those people who pay attention to the lyrics of songs? The lyrics of a song can quite possibly be more powerful than the music.

I some times find myself wondering what inspired certain songs, and have to say, I am usually surprised to find out the story behind the song is never what I thought.

For example, did you know that "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" was actually about a picture John Lennon's son drew and not LSD.

"Summer of 69" by Bryan Adams, is not actually about anything he remembers from that summer but in fact is about his favorite sexual position....that's what I'm talking about...

Probably the most famous song written that the actual meaning, or in this case person, who this song is about remains a mystery in "You're so Vain". Some suggest if you listen closely you can hear Carly Simon whisper the name of the individual in some versions of the song.

Check out a list  of more fact and see your you can find the answer to one of your favorite songs.