I kind of really didn't want to post this because it will cause some confusion. On the other hand, you guys have a way of finding stuff like this yourself so it's better to bring it out and address it. This is the official "tour" announcement for the Five Finger Death Punch Tour. As you'll note in the tour video, the last day of the announced tour is in Lubbock and that's where the changes start.

FMX and Din Productions saw Lubbock as the perfect date and place for two tours to collide, and thus "FMX Freakfest". Not only do you get the Five Finger Death Punch Tour (well most of it), you also get the In This Moment tour. In Lubbock, Escape The Fate is NOT part of the bill. Instead the full bill is Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment, Miss May I, Motionless In White, Gemini Syndrome, and Kyng. Just remember it's six bands. Also, stay tuned for a special presale where you can get three tickets for six-six-sixty ($66.60).

So once again, this is the announcement for the tour "at large" and it features some snippets of new music from FFDP so I thought you'd might like to check it out.