Our band of brothers from HELLYEAH hit the Hub City and we Drink Drank  Drunk the Cowboy Way in the "room of doom".

Last night we got big, bad and nasty with HELLYEAH.

One thing about the "room of doom" at Jakes is, though it is not a huge place, the energy of the crowd radiates through the club and gets everyone pumped. The band definitely picked up on this vibe last night and kicked Lubbock right upside the head.

One of the ways I rate a show is when I'm getting hit with 2x4 and it actually feels good, then I know all is well. The band blew through a 75-minute set that featured tunes off the new "Band of Brothers" record, then threw some heavy blows with "You Wouldn't Know"/"Alcohaulin Ass" before landing the knockout punch by closing out the set with Hellyeah.

As I drove home with a ringing in my ears...I found myself thinking; sometimes we can all use a good beating every now and then.

Check out the video...