I had to walk 12 miles to school up hill, in the snow, both ways, with no shoes and no coat. How many of you have either told your kids that story or heard it yourself from your parents or your grandparents?


True or not there is an important lesson to be learned through this philosophy, life is tough and there are going to be times when things are hard, you either suck it up and do it or you end up on your ass wondering what hit you.

Many of today's parent want to be their children's friends and to shelter them from the hard reality of the real world.

They hand their kids everything from iPhones at the age of five to brand new Hummers for their first car when they get their permit.

It's ridculous!

What we need is more parents like the guy in this video, he found a post on his daughter's Facebook where she was ranting about her chores, and he decided to use some creative parenting to get his point across.

There has been some negative backlash from people about how he handled this situation, but to be honest if more parents would take a tougher stance with their children we might have less bullying, less crime and less bad kids running around!

You go man!