You may know Oleander from the tracks "Why I'm Here", "Hands Off The Wheel" or "Are You There". You may also not know them at all, and that's cool, because this new song is decidedly not retro.  The band is seriously making a statement with this new track and video.  More after the jump.


Let's be honest here, much like P.O.D., Oleander hit in the post grunge period and went off the radar for a bit.  And even more like P.O.D. they band has no come roaring back with one of the best songs of their career.  "Something Beautiful" is simply great song. The band has also paired the song with a pitch perfect video making fun of the trends that have come and gone over the last few decades, while at the same time making a statement about 'keeping it real'.  We are now even more excited to have the band rocking "The FMX Big Purple Party" on April 21st.  Check out the video now: