It was a very sad day for metal fans around the globe when we found out that Despised Icon would no longer be performing as a band. I saw today on the Despised Icon's Facebook what the band is up to these days.

Despised Icon was such a great metal band to see live and their studio albums were amazing. I am glad to see that ex Despised icon member are still throwing down metal with their passion of music.


Here are what the members of Despised Icon are doing now.

Alex Erian (2002-2010) is in Obey The Brave
Eric Jarrin (2002-2010) is in Heaven's Cry
Max Lavelle (2007-2010) is in The Black Dahlia Murder

Al Glassman (2007-2008) is in Job For A Cowboy

Yannick St-Amand (2002-2006) works at Northern Studio

Ben Landreville (2008-2010) works at Symbiose Tattoo

Steve Marois (2002-2010), Alex Pelletier (2004-2010), Sebastien Piche (2002-2007) and Marie-Helene Landry (2002-2003) are all enjoying life at home.

Here is the video documenting their ENTIRE final show, enjoy and horns up for Despised Icon.