Today in 2004 my buddy Josey Scott of Saliva made his beautiful girlfriend Kendra his wife. (Happy anniversary bro! I love ya man!) Last time I saw Josey was when they were here touring with Creed. Man what a night that was;awesome time with friends and then a great show.

It's hard to believe the guys have been rocking our faces off for for 15 years now! It does not matter if they are hitting you in the face with a ballad like "Always" or coming at you with a kick ass classic like "Click Click Boom" you can count on these guys giving you a super charged show!

The guys are out now on the "Hard Drive Tour" tearing up stages all over the U.S. So far they are not scheduled to be hitting the Hub (rest assured we will let you know if that changes), but they will be in Corpus Christi on June 12th this summer (maybe plan a little vacation trip and check out a live show).

If you can't catch them live this summer be sure you pick up their latest record "Under Your Skin." I promise you will not be disappointed.

In the mean time check out this classic Saliva song. It is one of my favorites!