I go in and out of professional wrestling. I'll watch for years, then go away for years.  I'm currently on a vacation from wrestling, but for some reason I was reminded of one of my best birthdays ever.

I've been fortunate to spend time with some amazing wrestlers. I've got to hang out with Rick Flair, The Big Show, Eddie Guerrero (possibly one of the best human beings I've ever met), Terry Funk, and MANY others.

One year I was backstage at a WWE event waiting for my moment in the ring.  Now the WWE is SMART. The guy told me, BRING GIRLS.  I hired four dancers to go to the ring with me and it went over HUGE.  Anyways, in an earlier phone interview with a wrestler I mentioned that I'd be celebrating my birthday at the show and we talked about the lineup and so on.  Apparently somewhere along the way I also mentioned that my favorite superstar was Triple H.  Well prior to my introduction of the big event, one of the managers stopped me, and said, "wait a minute, I got someone who wants to meet you", so I'm waiting, Stone Cold Steve Austin walks by, but then, sure as hell, Triple H walks out.

Now, I can't tell you how awkward it is being a grown man and meeting your favorite wrestler.  This is something that is usually reserved for kids "on their special day".  It is made even further awkward when the guy is wearing tiny yellow Speedo wrestling trunks.  Triple H was totally cool and the thing I took away from it more than anything else was the way the guys knees looked.  Whenever you see him in the ring on t.v. he's wearing kneepads. In real life this guys knees looked like someone had shoved wads of hamburger meat under the skin.  He pretty much laughed my comments off about his knees, and the fact that we're the exact same height and weight, yet he looks a little different. He was also stopping wrestlers as they walked by and forcing them to shake my hand for the favors I had done for the WWE (that story some other time).

I always respect rock stars and wrestlers time. I never demand a 'meeting', but someone with the WWE thought enough to make a note and have this guy come out and spend a couple minutes with me.  That's pretty cool on both of their parts.