First off, let's makes this "One FRIED Potato To Rule Them All".  I am about to start a controversy the likes of which this town has never seen!  Oh, yeah, you may have had great fries, but we're going well beyond that.   Get ready for some tasty tater talk!

Sean Gallup, Getty Images

I stand by the fact that I've never got a bad batch of Whataburger fries.  Then there are folks who like the seasonings on the Wing Stop Fries.  Then there's the curly fries at Jack In The Box.  Heck, I even like the crispy little shoestrings at Steak N' Shake.  Here's where stuff goes buck wild.  What if you throw Sonic's golden crispy melt in your mouth Tater Tots into the mix?  Yeah, I went there and I'm going further.  What about KFC's battered home fries?  Oh, you want crazy?  How about McDonald's hash browns?  I just went Full Metal Jacket on ya!!!

All of this is personal preference of course, but we must crown a king or we will have no one to follow.  What is "The One Fried Potato To Rule Them All"?