Here's the simple truth-The "Open Carry" crowd are to gun owners what the Westboro Baptist Church is to a regular church. The concept that you need to be able to take your rifle with you while you get a burrito is just stupid, paranoid and extreme. If there is ever truly a need to carry your rifle around in public, it would be a situation where no laws really matter anyways (like a civil war or a zombie outbreak).

I don't believe I have a friend who is not a gun owner.  I have no problem with guns. Being a gun owner is like being a penis owner. You just don't pull it out and wave it around unless you need to use it.  So, keep it, whether it's a gun or a pee-pee, in your pants.  This "Open Carry" bunch are just attention whores putting people and business in uncomfortable positions to satisfy their own egos and/or appease their paranoid fantasies.

Anyways, their little rally was caught on film.  Make your own judgements after watching this video from Everything Lubbock.