I thought I'd take a minute to look at some of the other great big shows happening around the area.  Wait, there are none.  No one is heading to Amarillo for their rock stations party.  Midland-Odessa gets a few good shows, but not really festivals.  Abilene turns out great for small club shows, and the only thing Wichita Falls has on their concert calendar is REO Speedwagon.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

None of this means "shut up and enjoy what you have".  It just means that whether you know it or not, we're just a little bit spoiled around here.  Take our upcoming Birthday Bash for example.  There's three bands that could headline club shows no problem in Saliva, Powerman and Puddle of Mudd. In fact Puddle of Mudd seems a bit to big for say a place like Jake's.  Then you have Scott Weiland.  This guy could play two hours and you'd still know every single song.  There's no doubt that he's like Axl Rose; he could show up on any given night and be the best or the worst of the night. Since we got lucky with Axl, I'm betting on Scott to do well here too (because it's usually a "vibe" thing and the 'Bash has a good vivbe). Then you have Buckcherry.  Buckcherry have also been a bit old school but I've always loved them. I don't get locked down into "genres".  These guys make AWESOME party jams. It's what they do.  Last time they were here they split a headline bill with Papa Roach and played to about 3,000 people.

We're also not that far away from announcing the FMX Big Purple Party. Two things are once again for sure.  #1. No matter who's on the bill, some people will complain. #2. Those who go will have the best time EVER. Last Years Purple Party is another great example of what I'm talking about here.  The fact is Hollywood Undead are not headliners.  Bush, one could argue, was a thing of the past.  Put them together for the FMX Purple Party and it was one of the best shows ever (..and Hollywood Undead proved they SHOULD be headliners, and Bush showed TONS of gas still in that tank).

I hope you'll come out to join us for these great shows. If you're not into the bands, then please save yourself a few bucks, and stay home.  We know both events will be a tremendous success, or we wouldn't have put our name on them.