SXSW is the biggest music festival in the world. It's over a week long and includes interactive, film and music. The music alone runs nearly a weeks time and never disappoints.

The great thing about SXSW is not just the film or music or interactive parts of it, it's the people. The people that attend SXSW are really the main attraction. You never know what to expect when you're in Austin and you can definitely never expect who will be there.

We sent our crack photographer, Tarryn Lambert from Tarryn Lambert Photography, to cover SXSW and she brought back some dynamite photos.

Check out our five favorite and send in your photos if you were down there. We're going to be doing it big next year for the event and we hope that next year's photos can top these.

Animal from The Muppets?

Robot Unicorn

Hula Hoop Beauty

lady Gaga but Hotter

Gas Mask Hipster

If you went to SXSW we want to see your pictures, hear your stories and know who you say. Sound off on this year's SXSW and start the countdown for next year's!